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11 ways to wrap gifts without wrapping paper

Well, not entirely paper free, but some nice ideas.

From Halloween comes good ideas

Say what you will about Martha Stewart, but I love her website. Even with all the problems.

Today I found this: http://www.marthastewart.com/article/halloween-candy-crackers?lnc=c4338f416b86b110VgnVCM1000003d370a0aRCRD

I use this style of wrapping very often, I call it "candy wrap." Halloween theme aside, what I like here were the variety of treatments she gave it. The shredding of the ends in one and the use of 2 different papers to create more depth to the present.

I also like the toilet paper roll idea and more toward the gift giving season I will start hoarding them and the paper towel rolls.

My housemate's birthday gift

The present was wrapped in a solid dark teal paper. I tied the cord from a gift bag I had butchered for another present around it.

The foam circles are from the spindles of cds one gets for burning things. The triangle is a scrap of cardstock from my scrap booking that was literally on the floor (the back had a large foot print on it!).

The letter K I hand drew.

All in all I was very pleased with the end result. And K enjoyed the gift inside too!

3 year old Birthday

I didn't' get a good pic of the present before we gave it to him. But it looked cute. I didn't do a lot of the funky things I have been doing lately, but it still looks neat.

My Warped Little Bonsai Trees

Later today we are going to the Bester-kid's cousin Anabell's second birthday party. Earlier in the week we took them to the dollars tore to get gifts for her.

Since then they have been clamoring to wrap the presents. I am forming them all in my image! So we spent an afternoon wrappign presents, learning how to cut ribbons longer than they thought they needed, dodging the 2 year old who wanted to open all the just wrapped presents.

All the presents in their glory.

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Presents for meeting the Niece!

These are presents I brought with me to Massachusetts for meeting my baby niece. I refused to buy new wrapping paper, even though I was planning on wrapping the presents after we got to the hotel. I brought with me a handful of tissue paper, one roll of paper and scissors & tape.

The 2 presents wrapped in white were for my son. He is at the stage where he wants every present he sees and doesn't understand that they aren't for him! So whenever I go to a gift giving occasion, I have been bringing some dollar store gifts for him.

The white is just the patterned paper on the reverse. Thankfully it was a plain paper and didn't have any sort of silly grid. Though I suppose I could have worked with that had it been there. Not having any ribbon, I got creative with other papers.

I am particularly happy with how they all looked together. You could tell which were Charlie's and which were Sydney's. Sydney was only 8 months old, so it was more for her mother and my Mother in Law, but I was still happy with the result.
Last night I got the first of my birthday presents from nounsandverbs.

Yes, this was wrapped this way on purpose!

The thing about having a reputation for wrapping things really well is that your loved ones tend to make fun of you for it. I love it tho. And hey, it was a swell present too! (The soundtrack to High Fidelity, which is playing right now!)

Christmas Wraps

I got too busy with the Holidays so I'm posting these just now. It's my first time to post in the comm and I'm sharing the attempts I did at Christmas wrapping :)

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For those of us who still need to wrap


This site looks cool!

And I admit, all the presents for the party this weekend, guest tomorrow and New Year's have yet to be done. I got a little burnt out yesterday in the final furlong, so there were a lot of bags used. But a day or so to rest and the wrapping will comense!

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday!

Brown paper packages

Proving yet again how crappy my digital camera is , the flash refused to cooperate ... two gifts done in sturdy plain brown paper with great bow ribbon I found at the 99cents store.