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Presents for meeting the Niece!

These are presents I brought with me to Massachusetts for meeting my baby niece. I refused to buy new wrapping paper, even though I was planning on wrapping the presents after we got to the hotel. I brought with me a handful of tissue paper, one roll of paper and scissors & tape.

The 2 presents wrapped in white were for my son. He is at the stage where he wants every present he sees and doesn't understand that they aren't for him! So whenever I go to a gift giving occasion, I have been bringing some dollar store gifts for him.

The white is just the patterned paper on the reverse. Thankfully it was a plain paper and didn't have any sort of silly grid. Though I suppose I could have worked with that had it been there. Not having any ribbon, I got creative with other papers.

I am particularly happy with how they all looked together. You could tell which were Charlie's and which were Sydney's. Sydney was only 8 months old, so it was more for her mother and my Mother in Law, but I was still happy with the result.


Apr. 26th, 2008 03:03 am (UTC)
I didn't know white wrapping paper could be interesting with printed paper to accent it. Thanks for the wonderful idea.