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My Warped Little Bonsai Trees

Later today we are going to the Bester-kid's cousin Anabell's second birthday party. Earlier in the week we took them to the dollars tore to get gifts for her.

Since then they have been clamoring to wrap the presents. I am forming them all in my image! So we spent an afternoon wrappign presents, learning how to cut ribbons longer than they thought they needed, dodging the 2 year old who wanted to open all the just wrapped presents.

All the presents in their glory.

Celia's 2 presents. She's the 10 year old. I love that she used the turquoise with the lavender. And she put matching ribbons on the bag and the other gift that peeks out of the bag!

The presents Jack, the 7 year old, wrapped. The 2 for Anabell - the doggie and the purple package and the one for Anabell's older brother Cole (One should always bring presents for other siblings when they are under a certain age. Cole is borderline. But as I am bringing presents for Charlie, I thought a present for Cole in order.)

Gwen's presents. She's 5. I helped her with the ribbons on the one package, but she did everythign else. She's really quite good with it! She did all the tissue paper in the bag too.

The presents I wrapped for Charlie.


Apr. 28th, 2008 06:49 pm (UTC)
The white circle of paper with Charlie's name on it was a circle I cut by folding a square in half and half again and cutting a curve. I then discovered it was too big for the present.

So I folded it into quarters again and cut the circle down by half an inch or so. I was left with a paper circle and a paper ring. I then cut the ring into 4 pieces and they became the "rays."

I hope that's clear. I find it's hard to describe some of these things without a visual aid.